Don’t Like Train Food? Order Your Favourite Food Parcel While You Are Still Travelling

Travelling by train drives us back to our childhood days. Especially those who belong from the ’80s and ’90s, travelling from one part of India to another, for a long-awaited trip, bring on the same sweet smile on our face as it used to do back then.  

Traveling with family, sitting beside the windows, eating food from large tiffin boxes- are all that we can remember. However, inconveniences for food were there and many had to settle for unhealthy and unhygienic station and pantry car foods.

So like all other conveniences, delivering the meal on the train has taken steps to make it suitable with the need of the travelers. E- Catering companies have popped in and train food parcels are made so easy that passengers can order their food right while they are traveling, and their favorite food would get served to them right to their seat/ berth.

How does it work?

Those golden childhood days of traveling with home cooked food have gone by. Today, we are so busy that we think twice to cook our dinners. So traveling by train with boxes full of homemade food is a distant dream. To make it easy though, usually, for people who are frequent travelers, the online meal booking platform for railway passengers has come into context.

Want your lunch on time?

Select the next station your train would take a stoppage. Surf through the e- catering service providers and available meal options. Input your seat/ berth number, make your order and wait for the train to reach the station. If passengers want to, they can track their order status on the same website. Yummy food order will be then delivered right to your seat without a minute’s late.

A plethora of meal options are available for the passengers to cater to their varied tastes. Travelers can enjoy local and regional cuisines when they are traveling or can stick to their staple and simple thali meals.

Tips that make your food tastier

    • If you are craving for healthy meal option during traveling by train, the online rail food parcel services are your one-stop destination to get freshly made, warm, and healthy meal.
    • The train food parcel service providers maintain strict hygiene and are very particular about making food using healthy methods. With them, you do not need to worry about the quality of food. You will be served with a scrumptious, healthy, fresh and balanced meal.
    • Train food parcel providers have kept their price range inexpensive for everyone to have the privilege to healthy, home-cooked, and hygienic food.
  • These providers are also careful about the quality of food they provide. They make sure to fill the thalis with the amount of food that one person can eat and do not waste.

With this, the food comes in foil and plastic trays, heat- sealed, so that it doesn’t spill, and stays warm. Passengers are requested to keep exact changes handy while they order food on the train because most of the vendors accept cash. Many of the websites have come up with the benefits of online payment while placing an order to save passengers from the hassle of keeping cash handy.

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