Is Pregnant Abnormal Pap Smear Test Is A Recommended Choice Or Not

To understand more about an abnormal pap smear pregnant, it is necessary to understand what it is all about. You need to understand why it is performed. This is a test which every woman needs to perform once in a couple of years. In certain cases doctor may even ask you to perform the test within a year or so. This is though situational based and depends on a case to case basis. In this test a group of cells from the cervix are collected and then examined under a microscope. This is undertaken to figure out whether a woman has cervical cancer or a woman is at a risk of having one. It is a painless test and for most of the time it is done at the drop of a hat. In fact accuracy levels of this test are on the higher side which does mean that very women who have an abnormal pap smear done are going to have cervical cancer.

The Pap smear which does not indicate any form of abnormalities is referred to as normal or negative Pap smear test. When the results are positive, it does indicate the presence of pre-cancerous cells. It has to be stated that a variety of things do interfere with the results of a pap smear test like the use of vaginal creams, or douches during pregnancy. If you use spermicide within a couple of days before undergoing this test, then it could interfere with the results.

When you are pregnant it is likely that your doctor will ask you to undertake a Pap smear test. This is a routine test for a woman. This does not go on to pose any risk to the mother or a developing fetus. If an abnormal result emerges during a Pap smear test, the health care provider is going to discuss the treatment options with you. This has to be safe on all counts. In certain situations the doctor may ask you to delay the course of treatment till your pregnancy is over.  If it is an advanced stage of labor then your pregnancy could be advanced so that the treatment procedure could begin at the earliest.

A thing to be noted is that if there are abnormal cells in your cervix in no way it points to cancer. What it does signify is that further round of testing may be called for. Sometimes the issue could be very serious or it might also be an infection. Normally the treatments recommended are cervical biopsy or colposcopy. Both these procedures could cause some amount of bleeding outside the cervix, but they are not going to pose any danger to your baby. If the doctor asks you to perform an internal biopsy, there could arise some of pregnancy complications. But on all counts abnormal pap test during pregnancy is safe on all counts. The doctor is going to discuss all the risks with you.

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