Phenolic Caster Wheels On Carts Can Make A Grocery Store More Appealing

Phenolic wheels provide various benefits when they’re placed on grocery carts. If you want to make your store a trendy shopping destination, you can achieve this by upgrading old grocery cart wheels with smooth, highly efficient phenolic caster products.

A Pleasant Shopping Experience

When shoppers step into a store and grab a cart, they don’t want to hear annoying noises as they roll the wheels down an aisle. Phenolic wheels resolve this problem because they’re constructed out of a resin that’s sleek and glossy. The polished surfaces on a phenolic wheel glide over concrete and tile with ease, and this is why carts with phenolic casters aren’t noisy.

Professional Flooring Throughout the Store

In the grocery world, there are two types of customers. One group of customers buys products off of shelves, and the other group makes investments that help a grocery store grow. Investors are very important and smart, so they won’t invest money into a company that has major cosmetic flaws. These types of flaws can hurt a business by driving away new shoppers. When most investors visit a grocery store, they inspect the condition of the flooring because floor layouts guide customers to products on shelves. If a floor has hundreds of cracks, scratches, and nicks, a store loses curb appeal, which is a problem for investors. Most cosmetic flaws on flooring are generated by poorly designed caster wheels. By installing phenolic wheels on all of your carts, you’ll please investors because these casters won’t harm floors.

Options for Grocery Stocking Crews

Thanks to the convenient swiveling mechanism and the high weight capacity, a phenolic caster is a practical wheel option for inventory carts. If you put four heavy-duty casters on multiple carts, your staff will have no problems transporting a large batch of inventory that’s 1200 pounds or less to different locations in the grocery store.

By placing phenolic casters on your grocery carts, your store will be quieter and appealing. If you want to upgrade your inventory carts with phenolic casters, ensure that the wheels have a capacity limit that suits the inventory.

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