Tips For Caring For Outdoor Wood Flooring

The wooden floor outdoor deck which call is the one that suffers most inclement weather such as humidity, temperature changes, wind, UV … Their care and maintenance are essential to prolong its appearance and use.The best way to know if the wood needs a repair is seeing if its color is gray and dull, signal degradation due to weathering by atmospheric agents. The damage begins with the loss of surface gloss, surface disintegration continues, losing one of the two most important functions of the coatings, which is the decoration, then lose the basic function of the coating, protection, with the appearance of cracking and breaking.

Some tips to prevent damage to the installation of outdoor deck of the outdoor wooden floors, are these:

Choice of wood

It seems obvious, but the first thing you need to know to place a wooden floor outdoors is not all woods are suitable for this use.

His exposure to wood degrading agents are high, whether biotic (insects) or abiotic (water, ultraviolet rays, wind …). Therefore we must use woods that are resistant to these agents, or what is the same, they are durable by nature.

In choosing for the deck timber should consider hardwoods because they have a better behavior in the absorption and loss of water (Wood is a hygroscopic material capable of absorbing and exude moisture) as well as before the rays UV. Tropical woods are best for outdoor endure.

Another option is the synthetic platforms, like those offered by Greenwood, which are surfaces made of wood and polymer blends, cheaper and durable.

No less important in the outdoor decking are the flatness and rigidity of the floor to prevent tripping and accidents due to the deformation of twisted or bowed boards.

It is therefore necessary to use wood forest species to ensure maximum stability to variations hygroscopic. The timber should always be fixed to the support (joist) in the most solid and secure, what is the most appropriate mechanical fixing to the face. This will ensure their deformability.

A pavement should serve to move over it, so the chosen timber must be resistant to abrasion and tough to withstand the heels of those who will tread the pavement.

If we use a wood durable, stable, abrasion resistant and tough we can protect and enhance your beauty in a simple way.

Maintaining an exterior wood flooring should be done once every four or five months, but should also conduct frequent cleaning with a damp cloth, which extended deck preservation longer. The frequency will always depend on the location of the pavement with respect to the sun and various degrading agents and geographic area.

For the better preservation of the exterior wood should also wear protective proven. The usual treatment for care outside wood floors usually two:

  • Oils
  •  Acrylic guards

Each has its advantages and disadvantages:

Oils: The oils nourish and feed the wood. Easily applied but not all oils act in the same way in all woods.

You must perform penetration testing, fixing and compatibility, which can be seen mainly in the oil drying.

Oils generally not incorporated before sunscreens which prevented effective protection against ultraviolet rays. It is important to check that the oil we use sunscreens available effective protection.

Another drawback of the oils is their low resistance to abrasion, as well as its washability, which causes the protective treatment duration is limited.

In contrast, application and renewal through oil is quick and easy, and if necessary would make cleaning much easier.
Acrylic guards

Acrylic protectors are generally dissolved in water, and sunscreens containing resins so more tenaciously fixing and more resistant to ultraviolet rays. They also resist water and the high quality acrylic protectors are water repellent.

Its abrasion resistance is higher and therefore the duration of treatment is far superior to that of the oil.

The main drawback is its cleanliness and renewal because although regular maintenance is required (10 to 18 months depending on the orientation and geographical area), can sometimes accumulate layers of protective finish to hide the original wood. In these cases require pickling and total elimination of these layers with a professional and certainly meticulous process to ensure optimal results.

The oil needs to be replaced on the wooden floor at the time in which to appreciate his disappearance or simply degradation. However, with the acrylic protector should establish a systematic schedule of treatment.

The most common problem is given by the lack of suitable frequency in the processes of replacement and maintenance. We skipped treatments and pavement ends marked with weathering (graying) overlays or acrylic shield can cracking.

If the flooring is installed properly selected and installed to recover its original appearance and require a professional cleaning pickling, but can be recovered by mechanical (no sanding) for a fast, clean and free of debris. Once recovered surface treatment chooses easy-lasting oil-or acrylic-saver. In any case it would be good to put in the hands of certified professionals.


The combined use of organic cleaning agents and machinery specifically designed for this purpose can recover quickly, clean and economical wood appearance.

You can restore damaged wood with minimal effort, but should always consult with recognized professionals.

Timber BMC offers this cleaning service and repair wooden outdoor deck, ideal for installations in hotels, public buildings, residents, pools, terraces and private gardens … See our recovery method of cleaning and exterior wood floor.

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