Make Your Marriage Ends Up With Respect And Grace

There is one time in the life of a married couple when both realise that their marriage is in pits and by no means can the two live with each other anymore. What we seldom realise is that after a relationship gets over, it is called a breakup. But there’s a divorce instead of a breakup governed by formalities after marriage gets over. The impact of divorce on an individual can be too high for one to sail through it. Before we move on to other aspects, let us try and understand what divorce counselling is and what it entails.

As opposed to marriage counselling, counselling of this kind does not in any way aim to fix a broken marriage. On the other hand, a professional who is a divorce counsellor makes sure that the two of you get to talk about whatever transpired during the years it togetherness and how exactly you feel about it. This is especially important when the decision to divorce a spouse was unilateral and came as a shock to the other partner. In such vulnerable circumstances, it is important for the other partner to be assured such that there are no serious emotional consequences he or she faces. This gives one an opportunity to speak of whatever he or she felt since the inception of marriage and leave all that has happened in the past to move on smoothly in respective lives. If there are children involved, it is important that this counselling takes place such that it has no adverse effects on them and their lives.

As mentioned above, this counselling does not aim at fixing a marriage. Rather, it helps both the partners let go of a marriage that did not work out and move out of it with heads held high. When this is done through the help of a divorce counsellor who is trained to do so and has dealt with many similar couples in the past, then it becomes easy to attain closure. The two of you part ways respectfully without keeping any grudges for each other.

It is always important to remember that divorce counselling will be kept confidential and under wraps and when in court, no details pertaining to this shall be shared with the lawyers. At the same time, when you wish to go through a counselling such as this, it is always advisable to choose someone out of many who you would feel comfortable talking to about the most embarrassing of issues too. So, if there is the space of comfort you have created, moving out of marriage would not really be that difficult.

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