The Easy Way To Promote Business

SMS or short message service allows to send and receive text messages via telephone, internet or mobile phones. SMS service providers allow transmission of messages from one source to another through telecommunication networks. Mobile marketing is an important from of business today. They aim at reaching a certain number or type of audience on their mobile phones and other internet-based devices through SMSs, E-mails, and websites, to promote their goods and services, offers, news, updates, surveys etc.  SMS is one of the fastest means of online marketing and advertisement as it has a 98% open rate and are read within a few minutes after receiving them. SMSs provides better customer acquisition, holding back old customers and increase in sales and profit on a larger platform, while they also greatly reduce marketing and advertising cost.

There are numerous SMS marketing solution service providers in Bangalore, who offer wide range of services for high end mobile marketing, advertisements and business communications.  These are targeted SMS services that aims to reach specific type of audience based on the demands and requirements of the businesses. The functionalities that these SMS service providers provide are:

  • SMS Web Dashboards that offer to send single and bulk SMSs easily, smoothly and quickly.
  • SMSs can be scheduled or sent instantaneously with real reporting time.
  • Real time information about click time, location, type of device, operating system.
  • Ensure fast and reliable SMS delivery in a short time
  • Tracking the SMS delivery status and clicks of attachments and weblinks.
  • The SMSs can be typed and sent in different regional languages.
  • Backup services to prevent any miscommunications and delays.

They use a set of rules and regulations, called the communication protocol for the transmission of text messages. These protocols permit to send and receive messages up to 160 alpha-numeric characters to and from the Global System for Mobile Communications or GSM. GSM defines the standard protocols for sending and receiving messages. SMS service providers in Bangalore offer a wide range of features that are client-focused and form an important link between mobile networks and business platforms. They open an affordable line of SMS communication to increase the reach.  The features are comprehensive, personalized and easy to use. Drive links, price lists, brochures and pamphlets can also be attached to the SMSs.

They SMS service providers in Bangalore use SMS APIs to send SMSs with a user-friendly online interface. The integration of these APIs are very simple. These have a local and global direct connectivity with mobile operators to deliver notification and alerts. The SMS APIs are a reliable platform to authenticate the accounts of customers as they enable sending unique verification codes and OTP’s (One Time Password), via SMS to authenticate phone numbers and they also have 2 factor authentications to protect logins. The service providers use enterprise-grade security with data encryption and privacy policies.

There are a large number of SMS service providers in Bangalore who are professionally very active and deliver competitive features at a very competitive price.

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